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TV SERIES: Riverdale 3x09

Oh. My. God. This episode is amazing. I'm not saying that it's THE best Riverdale episode up to now... but it surely stands on the podium.
Why? Well, because Archie has a great part here and he finally does something sensible (in the previous episodes his character was mistreated in all the possible ways).
But let's start from the beginning ;)

S03E09 follows two stories: we see what happened and what's happening in Riverdale and in the meantime we discover what kind of life Archie is living.
In Riverdale the situation is everything but easy, since Hiram seems to be winning on all sides.
Betty is having a hard time dealing with the kids escaped from the Sisters, while Jughead has to face an increasing discontent among the Serpents.
I loved (as usual) Lili's and Cole's performance and in this case I especially liked the scenes with Skeet Ulrich: the determined and tough FP Jones is back.
To be sincere Cheryl and Toni have really annoyed me, because they're acting like idiots, like two childish rascals. I would love to see them doing something meaningful, instead of spending their time making out and robbing.
I still have no clues about the role Edgar and the Farm are playing in the events, but I hope to find out as soon as possible.

Now it's time to focus on Archie, who has been represented as a dumb nice boy for some episodes. Well, now it's over: a great Archie is back. During this episode he has the chance to reflect on his mistakes, on all the wrong decisions he has been taking. The authors created some crazed scenes: Archie is hurt and he's suffering from hallucinations, so he finds himself captured in a Gryphons and Gargoyles match against all his "mistakes". This part is both touching and disquieting. Archie redeems himself and he is finally free.
The final scene is shocking.

I can't wait to watch the next episode.

Have you seen the episode? 
Leave me a comment with your opinion :)


P.S.  SPOILER: Veggie kiss scene *clap clap*

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  1. Ma tu mettere una cavolo di traduzione no eh?? Non ho capito un tubo!! 😅

    1. Avevo voglia di scriverla in inglese ahahah Comunque ti faccio un breve riassunto in italiano: finalmente Archie non fa più cazzate, finalmente si assume le sue responsabilità e finalmente ha delle scene veramente belle. Poi Hiram è sempre un gran bastardo ahahah per il resto non si scopre molto... Ah, Cheryl e Toni si comportano come due bambine viziate 🙈

    2. Ottimo, grazie, appena posso mi metto in pari

  2. Cara Alex meno male che ai spiegato!!!
    Ciao e buon fine settimana con un forte abbraccio e un sorriso:-)

  3. Uhm... grazie che hai già tradotto tutto. Sai io e l'inglese non andiamo d'accordo :)

    1. La prossima volta la faccio in entrambe le lingue ❤️


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